Minggu, 13 Oktober 2013

:: Fuse in the Garden of Love Script ::

unreadable series of letters in the papers on the horizon
read the wording into a story

enthroned elegy and feel full of love
in the physical world is full of letters, etched in between the sheets of paper

the sun shines bright, warm veil of life in color
The cool breezy wind that scratched when every heart,

amazed at the white clouds that spell
a sentence of love, carved a name and a beautiful face

echoed throbs your heart shining in the corner angle cloudy
your line formations on top of the mountain

I read your story up to heaven
the endless beautiful, until I collapsed liver

lay flowers blooming in a million characters
scent on every word, fragrant to the heart

feelings welled up into seventh heaven
you got to fly up to my tuk could not say the word

looked at all the beauty in verbal implication
decomposes love to hear all the noise in the cool clear lake nirvana ............

talked, joked in a row of characters
smiling crying in the droplets of ink droplets

you take my fingers dance across the canvas of glass
persuade the day that the indeterminate

took in all the stories of life in a world of words
and you were always there in a row of characters

chatting with time in the park script
making love in love with words that are spelled


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